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Naga Viper Pepper: Making Grown-Ups Cry

Peppers are well-known for providing that extra spicy flavor to dishes. Some like the subtle heat it brings to their palate while some want them really hot. Being able to eat chili peppers is also considered as a sign of bravery and amazingly tough tongues. Let us see how many people would be brave enough to eat the Naga Viper Pepper. If you have not heard about this fiery pepper, then it is high time you learn about it.

The Naga viper pepper was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world's hottest chili last February of the year 2011. It was developed by mixing three different breeds of chili peppers namely the Naga Morich, the Bhut Jolokia or ghost pepper, and the Trinidad Scorpion. Gerald Fowler, the one responsible for creating the Naga Viper, never thought he would be able to cultivate this pepper with such unpredictable weather conditions in the UK. His hard work finally paid off when Naga Viper scored a whopping 1,382,118 score in the Scoville scale, which measures the heat units or spiciness of anything that contains capsaicin. Imagine how spicy jalapenos are and multiply that by 500. No wonder it was awarded a Guinness record.

Fowler describes the Naga Viper pepper as "painful to eat" but is proven to be edible for those who can take the heat. The tip of this pepper is probably enough to spice up a meal. Fowler used some of his peppers in a special curry and made willing taste-testers sign a waiver before actually serving them. Of the dozens of people who volunteered, only two were able to consume their share of Fowler's curry. Although it is impressive to watch someone gobble up a chili pepper like they are just chewing on gum, it would not be advisable to do that with this breed of peppers. The Naga Viper is so hot that eating it as it is can be dangerous to one's health. It would not immediately cause a burning sensation on your tongue but once it does, it may burn hours as it is considered a slow burner. It would make grown-ups cry and it would upset stomachs for a day or so.

There have been rumors and reports about incorporating chili peppers into weapons. Depending on the amount of capsaicin, the chemical in peppers responsible for the heat it produces, chili peppers can be used to immobilize enemies without killing them. It would only cause numbness, pain, and euphoria. With peppers as hot as the Naga Viper, these rumors and reports are slowly becoming more and more pronounced.

In minimal quantities, the Naga Viper pepper is a great way to spice up your favorite meals. If you are a chili enthusiast, this would surely satisfy your spicy cravings. More and more chefs are creating dishes that make use of peppers as potently hot as the Naga Viper. Before trying to eat some of this fiery variety, check out online videos of people who have tried eating them to prepare yourself on how scorching hot things are going to be once the Naga Viper pepper comes in contact with your mouth.


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