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Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Pepper Is Officially The Hottest Pepper In The World - 2/6/12

Recently New Mexico University undertook a study on the hottest pepper available on Earth. They started this study as the various sauce makers wanted to get information regarding the hottest pepper available in the global food market place. At the end of the study, New Mexico University came out with the finding that Trinidad Moruga Scorpion has been found to be the world's hottest chile pepper. This chile pepper comes from the Caribbean Island of Trinidad and Tobago. Farmers in the south coast of Trinidad grow this particular variety of chile pepper

Measurement based on heat units

New Mexico University came out with the finding after measuring the heat units of a variety of chili pepper on the Scoville scale. The various chili peppers that were taken up for study included

1.Trinidad Scorpion
2.Trinidad Moruga Scorpion
3.Trinidad 7-pot
4.Chocolate 7-pot
5.Bhut Jolokia

On the Scoville scale, Moruga Scorpion gave an average reading of 1.2 million heat units. This was more than the heat units produced by the previous winner Bhut Jolokia. On a random basis, an individually selected Moruga Scorpion has the capability to generate 2 million heat units.

About Moruga Scorpion

This chile pepper plant was actually named after the region from where it originated. Moruga is located in the southern part of Trinidad Island. Moruga scorpion is red in color and has a small tail at its end. Its shape slightly resembles the shape of a Scotch Bonnet. Its outer skin resembles the outer skin of the Trinidad 7-pot and the texture of the outer skin resembles the texture of the outer surface layer of the human brain. Most of the chile pepper fruit of this variety grow to uniform size and shape. A normal Jalapeno has the capacity to generate 5000 heat units. When compared to Jalapeno, one could imagine the amount of heat generated by Moruga Scorpion. Researchers involved in the testing process found Moruga Scorpion to generate nominal heat at the beginning. Over a period of time the heat generation continued to multiply several hundred times and finally reached 2 million heat units on the Scoville scale.

Testing process

As part of the study, researchers planted 120 chile plants of all the above-mentioned five chile varieties. After allowing the fruit to ripen completely, research team picked the fruit from all the five varieties. Then they removed several peppers from each of the fruit and ground it to a powder. They then extracted a particular compound that was responsible for the heat generated. This compound was then measured on the Scoville scale for getting the heat generated. When handling Moruga Scorpion, the team members needed to use several sets of gloves for handling the powder. By using few sets of gloves for handling Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, the research team found that the heat was burning the gloves material and started to burn even the hands. This made the team to go for multiple sets of gloves for handling Moruga Scorpion.

After getting to know the results of the study, many farmers and planters across United States have started to look for seeds of Moruga Scorpion, so that they could grow the hottest available pepper in their farm and supply it to the sauce manufacturing companies.

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